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Slate Roof Installation

Todco Roofing Specializes In Slate Roof Installation.

Today, there are more roofing material choices than ever before. Cost is a consideration, but so are durability, appearance, support and maintenance. Todco Roofing offers a wide variety of specialty roofing services, including slate roof installation. New slate roof installations are uncommon, and require roofing professionals that are experienced in installing and maintaining slate roofs. In Chicago, the professionals at Todco Roofing are the area’s foremost slate roofing experts.

Simply put, slate is stone, and while that lends some durability advantages, it also places certain structural requirements on the building. Slate roof installations typically require additional structural support. The slate roofing professionals at Todco Roofing can help reinforce your home’s existing roof structure, or help you plan new construction in preparation for a slate roof installation.

New slate roof installations offer some significant advantages over other roofing materials. A slate roof installation is exceptionally durable and can be expected to last for hundreds of years. Slate roofs can stand violent weather events and fare well against winter ice and snow. Slate roofs carry a Class-A fire rating and will not burn. Slate does not deteriorate, fade or rot. New slate roof installations are good insulators for both heat and sound. Slate roof tiles will help keep your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and quieter year-round.

A slate roof installation can consist of a single color or can incorporate a variety of colors, and can complement the look of virtually any building. A slate roof installation is more expensive than other roof material choices, but a slate roof will substantially enhance tour home’s value and resale prospects. If you would like more information about slate roof installation or are considering a new slate roof for your Chicago area home, contact the slate roof installation professionals at Todco Roofing.